RG Motorsports

RG Motorsport – Bridgeport, WV

In 2017, RG Motorsports determined to expand its business with the creation of a new facility in Bridgeport, WV. Rob Yost Paving was tasked with the grading and paving for the new showroom. The grading and elevation of the sub-base and installation of the base course asphalt were completed in the spring of 2017. During the course of this project, Rob Yost Paving merged with Miller Paving to form a single operating entity. Working with Rob Yost Paving, Miller Paving assisted in the completion of the wearing course layer of asphalt at the final striping of the new parking lot.

In 2021, when RG Motorsports decided to further develop their Bridgeport location with an RG Harley Davidson showroom adjacent to the Motorsports building, Miller Paving was called back in to complete a new parking lot. Miller Paving was tasked with completing the fine grading of the sub-base to ensure the parking lot would have a level base with the proper slope to prevent the pooling of water and the creation of potholes. Once the grading was complete, Miller Paving installed the base and wearing course layers of asphalt with tie-ins to the Motorsports entrance.

With proven experience in grading and asphalt paving, Miller Paving is here to provide your business with a service you can trust. Send us your project specs today and request a quote for your new paving project.

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