Trinity Assembly of God

Trinity Assembly of God – Fairmont, WV

Before and After

Miller Paving set out to solve the underlying water issues by adding proper drainage below the pavement and installing over 300 feet of French drains to redirect the water from underground springs. In order to ensure the new drainage system was performing properly and the base layer was now stable enough for additional layers of asphalt, Miller Paving returned to reassess the project in 2019.

In 2018, Trinity Church was experiencing ongoing issues with water beneath the base layer of asphalt on their parking lot. Water below asphalt pavement can weaken the supporting materials in the aggregate base, leading to increased deterioration of the asphalt surface. During the initial assessment, Miller Paving determined the cause of the surface degradation and advised the church to resolve the water issues beneath the base before investing in further paving projects.

Once Miller Paving was confident that the base layer had been restored with the proper subsurface drainage, Miller Paving commenced further repairs on the parking lot by resurfacing damaged areas with a fresh layer of wearing course asphalt. Areas of the parking lot that did not sustain heavy damage were protected with an application of sealer, and the parking lot was striped by CK Services.

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